Australian Mathematics Competition

For AMC 2020 we have extended the competition period to eight days. This will allow schools to schedule sittings in smaller sessions to adhere to social distancing standards if they are required in your state or territory.

For Victoria schools within the ‘stay at home’ restriction area we have introduced a delayed sitting period. Find out more here.

If you have special circumstances due to school disruptions in 2020, please contact us and we will help you find a way to run the AMC.



The AMC is an engaging 30-problem competition that demonstrates the importance and relevance of mathematics in students’ everyday lives; it is open to students in years 3 to 12. Australia’s leading educators and academics, with a deep understanding of our national curriculum standards, actively design the unique AMC problems each year.

The AMC is run by teachers in schools. Our competition is fully online, with a paper version of the competition also available. We offer ongoing support and resources prior to and on the day of the competition.

Held in term 3, the AMC has five divisions: Middle Primary (years 3–4), Upper Primary (years 5–6), Junior (years 7–8), Intermediate (years 9–10) and Senior (years 11–12). The AMC is available in both printed and online format, it doesn’t matter where your school is located. And, of course, there are special arrangements for visually impaired students and distance education organisations. If you require the paper version of the competition, we encourage you to register your students ASAP to allow for the possible slower delivery of competition papers in 2020.



We are a not-for-profit entity and we make our entry fees consistent with our status. Entries fees cost $6.50 AUD per student including GST in Australia. The fee varies from time-to-time between countries depending on costs such as postage and freight.

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