Generation Entrepreneur

Generation Entrepreneur was founded in January 2014 by two high school students. After experiencing 5 years of high school education, they found that the education system does not effectively build change-makers, only individuals who will conform to the workplace of the past.

Generation Entrepreneur aims to change this situation by providing high school students with the opportunities and resources to start their own ventures. This provides invaluable skills to students and fuels an entrepreneurial spirit among youth which will drive positive change in our world.

Generation Entrepreneur’s high school Incubator is a long-term program for the committed, audacious students who dream of solving our greatest problems.

How we’ll support you:

  • A program for 5 months to teach you how to start a business.
  • $500 grant to help your team fund your initiative.
  • Expert mentors from Uber, Bain & Company, Westpac, CBA, Atlassian, Blackbird Ventures and many more.
  • Working space in the Sydney CBD throughout the whole program.
  • Final pitch evening at the end of the program, presenting to a room full of investors, mentors, industry partners and the community.

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