Leo Clubs

Leos are young people who want to make a difference.

Aged between 12 and 30 years, Leos are the youngest members of Lions Clubs International.

They get together to deliver projects that will help to make the world a better place.

  • LEOS serve their communities
  • LEOS gain experience
  • LEOS learn new skills
  • LEOS have fun
  • LEOS make friends
  • LEOS develop teams
  • LEOS become leaders
  • LEOS seize opportunities
  • LEOS build a better future

Leo clubs

Each Leo club is sponsored by a local Lions club as a youth development activity.

Leo clubs may be based within a school or in the local community. A member of the sponsoring Lions club is appointed as a Leo Club Advisor, and school-based clubs will often also have a staff member to assist.

Membership is open to young people aged 12 to 30 years, but clubs are designated ‘Alpha’ or ‘Omega’.

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Alpha Leos are 12-18 years old.

Alpha clubs focus on the individual and social development of teens.

“It’s a lot of fun … and we’re making a difference in our community.”


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Omega Leos are 18-30 years old.

Omega clubs focus on the personal and professional development of young adults.

“During my time as a Leo, we’ve taken our ideas and turned them into reality. People respect that.”

NOTE: In Australia, some Omega community-based clubs may have a broader age range. Special arrangements are made to cater for the combination of older and younger members in these clubs.

School-based Leo clubs

Leo clubs can be formed in state or private schools. The supervision by the sponsoring Lions club is exercised in full cooperation with the school authorities. The Leo club is subject to the regulations and policies established for all student organisations and activities. A faculty advisor (member of the school staff) usually oversees the operation of the Leo club and works closely with the Leo Advisor.

Community-based Leo clubs

Leo clubs can be formed in any community from the smallest regional centre to the largest city. It only needs a group of young people who want to help their community, make new friends and learn new skills, and a Lions club willing to sponsor and support them. Community Leo clubs may be in the Alpha or Omega age range.

Leos & Lions

The success of a Leo club depends on a good relationship with its sponsoring Lions club.

The Lions’ role is to offer support and guidance, while the Leos are responsible for planning and implementing their own activities, financing their projects and maintaining the smooth operation of their club. Leos have their own club officers and constitution.

Beyond the club, Leos are part of a global organisation and have opportunities to connect with other young people through club twinning, youth exchange, youth camps, forums and conventions.

Lions clubs benefit through their association with Leos who bring youthful vitality, new ideas and lots of fun into the club projects. Enjoyable shared experiences may encourage Leos to transition into Lions membership when the time is right.

Forming a new Leo club

To find out how to form a new Leo club, see the Resources page  for helpful information or Contact Us.

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