What is a Philosothon?

A Philosothon is concerned with big questions, questions at the edge of science and reason. Each school selects between 5-8 students to represent the school and together they explore philosophical and ethical issues orally. During the event they discuss four issues and the aim is to collectively come to a conclusion about the issue. The event differs from debating in that students are scored highly if they build on each others arguments. While some have a problem with the fact that this is a competition most educators recognise the healthy respect for the ideas of others which is fostered in a Philosothon. Students can change their mind during the course of the discussion.

(Click here for and article about the use of competition in Philosophy)

University based lecturers in Philosophy award points on the basis of students critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. At the end of the evening medallions and trophies are awarded to individual students and schools.

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